What are people in the Roger Williams University community reading? The From the Nightstand team asks which books are on people’s nightstands—either being read, or waiting to be read.


Adam Braver



Over the past year, the “From the Nightstand” section of the Connecting With Your Library website has asked staff and faculty from around the RWU community to share the books they are reading, as well as recall meaningful reads from the past. Through these snapshots, we have seen a wide variety of titles, as vast as the campus community itself.

            As I look over at what my own nightstand has held this summer, among the many I see a half dozen biographies centered on an era of the 1930s I have been researching; the first volume of Norwegian writer Karl Ove Knausgård’s six-book autobiographical series that has been nothing short of a literary sensation this year; Thomas Beller’s smart and engaging essays on J.D. Salinger; Joanna Scott’s upcoming novel, De Potter’s Grand Tour; The Snow Queen—a beautiful and haunting novel by Michael Cunningham; this year’s common reading, The Circle; My Grandfather’s Gallery—a biographical memoir about stolen art in Nazi occupied France; short stories and essays in various magazines and journals, as well as those sent to me by students from RWU and other workshops from over the years.

            All of that is a way to say that as a new academic year is set to begin, all of us here at the library look forward to a new season of “From the Nightstand;” where we can be introduced to, and be inspired by, new books.



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Fall 2014